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Our Company

Foodial is a new trading company that distributes excellent quality Greek products.

In 2015, a group of Greeks decided to turn its great love for fine traditional dishes of Greek land into commercial activity. Thus, authentic products found every summer at the grandmother’s festive table since then travel, transferring the taste of Greece to Europe.

Foodial today is not just enough to distribute the Greek products it chooses to represent and place on the international markets but it participates in the whole range of the planned procedures concerning:

• identifying Greek local products of exceptional quality and nutritional value, as well as their producers.

• monitoring and controlling “field-to-consumer” production “ensuring that the products it distributes meet international safety and quality requirements and standards.

• Developing the necessary marketing mix and branding to create a competitive presence.

• tailor made product portfolio tailored to the needs of an internationally active company

Through a wide network of associates, mainly in Greece and Germany, the company aspires to become an international B4B hub of agri-food products with a starting point or destination in Greece.


We offer you unique and quality Greek products